Dear Guests,

    you will help us a lot if you tell us the details of your fellow travelers in advance. We can then prepare the registration form accordingly and save ourselves this effort when you arrive.

    We need the name and date of birth of each fellow traveler. For foreign nationals also the passport- or ID-card-number. We do not need this number from German nationals. Please also state the home address of the main traveler. If you would like a different billing address, please enter this as well.

    You can send this data using this form or as an email to









    Fields marked with * must be filled out.

    The above email address is only used to communicate with the guest and is not passed on to third parties.
    Any billing address provided will only be used to create an invoice and will not be passed on to third parties.
    The other data provided here will be used to create a registration form, which will be sent to the local authorities upon request and which will be destroyed after the required retention period.